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with Jen Myzel, Lydia Violet, & special guest Joanna Macy

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"Joanna Macy unveils an ancient set of roots for our work to transform the future. Macy weaves the spirit work of Buddhism into our community and activism work, helping us grasp where we are in the Great Turning."- adrienne maree brown, author of Emergent Strategy

"When everything seems to be collapsing...Joanna Macy sings a song to urge us not to run away, not to shrink away from these material irruptions, but to open our hearts and anchor our bodies to a world so sensuously alive that it could only be described as a lover. May we never outgrow our elders." - Bayo Akomolafe, PhD, author of These Wilds Beyond Our Fences

At School for The Great Turning we are excited to host an experiential dive into the intensely relevant teachings from Joanna Macy's 30th Anniversary Edition of her literary masterpiece, World as Lover, World as Self.

With the guidance of highly experienced facilitators Lydia Violet Harutoonian and Jen Myzel, and Joanna Macy joining us on September 26th for our very first session, you will be guided through interactive practices and meditations in alignment with the four sections of the book: Finding our Bearings, Food for the Mind, Food for the Heart, and Food for the Journey.

The philosophy behind this brilliant work, informed by Joanna’s life-long study of Buddhism and systems theory, is that societies' overwhelm and apathy in addressing the massive issues of our time is not for lack of caring. It is in fact the opposite. We fear that our despair is too great to hold. Yet the deadening of our response to these crisis’—from climate chaos to police brutality—is exactly what keeps the wheels of “Business as Usual” churning.

The Work that Reconnects is a series of creative, heartfelt, interactive practices designed to help us unlock our stuck emotions and rediscover our love and interconnectedness with the world. As we dive into a community study of Joanna's words, we will engage in both literary immersion and group experiential nourishment.

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"We find our dignity and purpose in the Great Turning, as scales fall from our eyes and we see that transforming Nature into money doesn't work. We discover that a deep ecological vision can bring us through with all that we are and can become. We are cleansed by the truth of belonging to Earth."

- Joanna Macy

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