Welcome to the Music As Medicine Project!

Welcome to your "Learn to Sing!" Video Series! I'm excited you have embarked on this adventure of exploring the songbird who lives inside of you.

You will see that this series is divided into different sections, so I'm going to share a bit about how to use each one.

In the first section you will find some exercises. These are specific vocal exercises that are designed to teach you proper technique, or technique that will both strengthen your voice and avoid damaging your vocal chords. The exercises are ordered according to difficulty, so naturally start here at the beginning! What I recommend is that you practice 3 times a week for 20 min, which will be 2 of the exercise videos. So you use the video repeatedly as you practice, learning how to breathe for singing, raise your soft palette, etc. As you progress feel free to mix and match as you wish, I still do many of these exercises to maintain my vocal health and technique, 15 years after I initially studied them!

In the next two sections you will be taught songs, one of the most common ways we love to share our singing! You can learn these songs as you wish, practicing some of the technique that you are learning and most importantly, to have fun! Singing nourishes the human spirit. I invite you to be really kind to yourself as you explore your voice and learning to sing. Just like riding a bike, you'll may be overwhelmed at first with all the different parts, but one day they will all come together as you release and empower your beautiful voice.

May Your Music Be Medicine.

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